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Choosing the right CRM for your needs is the first step, the second step is to implement the new solution in a proper method. Implementation is one of the most complex, and often neglected aspect of a successful CRM launch. In total, you should actually spend more time on the planning and testing of your implementation then you should on customizing your solution. This time is critical to the success of the launch to avoid disasters like end user rejection.

If you are ready to implement your system properly, we can get you started immediately. We have a template program that includes:

Our experts will help you

  • An intensive management interview process where our architects will determine the entire scope of needs that your new system has
  • An interview process with department managers to determine reporting needs, and data workflow requirements for each department in the company
  • A planning and scheduling period that aligns the decision makers on the project with specific milestones that ensure the project stays on its intended timeline
  • A customization development period where our engineers will customize any aspect of the CRM interface that needs tailored workflow or reporting
  • A data importing for taking your data from a previous system and tuning it up for running in your new CRM/ERP system
  • A management training session to help prepare for the new system launch
  • User training sessions in groups no larger than 25 at a single time
IT Management
IT Management


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